2020 the year we all went nuts

As I sit in my house day after day, I’ve learned to only watch and hour or so of the news. However, I check twitter more frequently and I’ve come to learn some disturbing truths. All of humanity is off the rails. COVID 19 has turned us all into blobs of hate or stupidity. If we had achieved a higher-self version of ourselves previous to this mental apocalypse, it’s gone. Being shut away with only the news or social media as a connection to other people is not good. A person can become twisted, depressed, and paranoid. I have become all of these things. It’s good to be a writer to be able to use these emotions in my work because people like to read about twisted, depressed, and paranoid people. Only it is so widespread now that reading about it turns out to NOT be escapism.

Our current government is so messed up and moving toward fascism that one wonders if we should fight it or just sit back and watch the destruction of Democracy. Americans voted in a con man who is cruel, evil, and quite dumb. But he has a steadfast base of support who are ecstatic to have been given permission to finally be open about hating minorities. They will even vote against their own best interests. They don’t care if somewhat affordable health insurance is taken away, they commit suicide attending mask-free indoor rallies, and hope that women, even these women in his base, will die again from illegal back-alley abortions. Because they will have them anyway, like before.

This government has decided that not only do they not care if we all die from COVID, at least 6 million of us to get herd immunity, we can also starve to death because they decided to not give a helping hand in stimulus money to so many of us who are in need because of lost wages or lost jobs. Our economy also got trashed when people feared getting this disease and stopped eating in restaurants and going out and spending money because COVID can not only can kill you but it can give you lingering dangerous after effects. Like heart and lung problems and cognitive problems.

But these supporters of this carny are cult-like in their devotion, like religious zealots who’s give money to televangelist ministers who live like royalty. These followers are sheep willing to be slaughtered just to be in the presence of a man who actually hates them. Only uses them for power, and uses his power to garner wealth. They starve, they die, they pledge their allegiance for a television celebrity who created a fake persona that they think is real. A snake-oil salesman who promises everything and gives nothing.

In the history of our Earth, when environmental collapse, accelerated by this con man for the benefit of wealthy oil men who give him money, turns this planet into a barren wasteland, the only good thing that will come of this is that no one will know about the year 2020 when we all went nuts. Remember the year 200,000BC on Mars? Right. You don’t.

There is no Martian history that anyone has written about. And there will be no humans left to write about 2020 on Earth.

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