When a lunatic becomes president and then loses

It’s hard to believe that a form of lunacy has taken over part of our government. Although mental illness is not contagious it can influence those in close proximity to the deranged person. Take the Jim Jones cult or Hitler for that matter. If you believe and follow a lunatic leader you become mentally ill as well. To witness this in the U.S. government is shocking. One would think that if a person achieved high office they would be sane. Not the case anymore.

However, one would expect that the masses, the populace/sheep that follow the lunatic would become insane and that is surely becoming a reality. It’s like the fable of chicken little “Dear me the sky is falling.” Followers of our nut job president think he won the election because he says so. They also think his Russia connections and interference to get him elected in 2016 was a hoax because he says so. That COVID-19 is a hoax because he says so.

It becomes easier to understand the horror of Nazi Germany when you see how blindly people will follow an evil and narcissistic con man in these United States and in our government. How they would take up arms in their worship of a man whose only motivation is money and power. Who in reality despises his supporters. A true con man. He has been a con man for his entire life. A bully who frightens and incites  people to action with a tweet. How? Why?

This man should be deplored, despised and ignored. Finally, it will happen after a chaotic four years of ruining everything this country stands for. The majority of the electorate  booted him to the curb. This will happen no matter how many times he and his demented sheep say that he won the election. He will NOT have four more years just because he says so. THANK GOD!!!

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