Celebrating our independence from Britain today, but are we becoming an autocracy?

It’s hard to have lived in this country for my entire life and see its decay. Followers and supporters of a con man who really hates this country and despises these followers are willing to turn this country into a cult of worship to this evil and criminal demagogue. They have drunk the Kool-aid and would overthrow our democracy to be in servitude to this scum of humanity. Why? Why do they choose him? Why are they so duped?

This self-serving power monger wants to be placed in a palace and have dominion over us all and amass great wealth. A narcissist’s dream–give nothing but get everything. He has unfortunately taken over the Republican party full of greedy power mongers who lust after reelection as a way to earn millions and they think he is their ticket. They do not realize that an autocracy will put them into a dangerous compromising situation as well. Because all must be servants of the regime and take orders or die.

Do we want to be North Korea? China? A South American dictatorship? This is where we are headed if we do not stop the insurrectionists and complicit Congressmen and women. Climate change will be ignored in favor of money to be made, universities and schools will no longer be a place of learning but of indoctrination, workers will have no rights. The soul of the is nation is being eaten by this orange clown and his supporters. It hurts my heart to witness this. Climate change will unfortunately be the equalizer if it is ignored. This planet will turn to dust like Mars. The con man will have dominion over a dead planet.

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