Hate. The word for our current condition. Is it a noun, verb, or adjective? Right now it is all three. As in hate rallies, I hate you, the hate is growing. Here we are in 2023, waving Nazi flags and Palestinian flags and screaming against Jews, and Israel. At the time, rallying behind the members of a terrorist organization responsible for the brutal murder and hostage-taking of Israelis of all ages and visiting foreigners. How did this support of terror lay siege to our university campuses and major capitals of the world? I have my own theories of a planned long game of world domination by Muslims. Refugees who entered Western countries and were admitted to elite universities because of generous philanthropic programs and affirmative action. Nestled among us they used Hamas’s playbook of Palestinians being the poor victim brutalized for decades by the neighboring Jews in Israel. Never mind that it was all a lie. That 20,000 Palestinians worked daily in Israel and got paid and had benefits, and that Palestinians who were deathly ill could walk into an Israeli hospital and be treated for free.

What was so easy, besides these lies, was counting on the antisemitism that lay dormant and waiting for the slightest action by Israelis, to pounce on. Even if the action was defending itself from a declared war. Jews do not seek converts so they weren’t part of the Crusades, whose goal was to end Islam. Now Islam is on its own crusade and the first group to try and annihilate are the Jews and, unfortunately, the entire world seems to be in support of that. Jews have survived these kinds of assaults through millennia and will again.

But will the Christians?

Because you are next.

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