How can this be?

How can a traitor who tried to overthrow the government, sold top secret info to our enemies, raped a woman and assaulted many others, cheated on his taxes, and used fraudulent business tactics be chosen as the GOP frontrunner for president? What is wrong with this country? Greed and hatred have taken over an electorate that worships this con as if he were Jesus or a Marvel superhero. Why? Why him? The worst example of humanity. The worst choice possible other than Kim Jong-On, Orban, or Putin dictators whom he worships. This lowlife represents the worst of us and the shame is that his followers are also the worst of us. He plays to their bigotry and hate by making hatred great again, antisemitism great again, being armed and dangerous great again, shackling women great again, banning books like Nazi Germany great again, and erasing history great again.

We need to stop him in his tracks and get rid of him once and for all. When Biden wins that will be the end of this evil. His threat will be gone. His demented hate rallies will stop, finally. Perhaps every generation has to deal with pure evil incarnate. There was Hitler and now there’s trump.

We must stop him. The embodiment of good and kindness rests in Joe Biden. He is wise from years of living with a moral compass, fair, and just. He is democracy’s future. We must make it so. Destroy evil. Shine a light of hope. Vote Blue.

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