Tiptoe through the tulips

It’s Spring! Flowers are starting to bloom and warmer weather is teasing its way into our lives. Hope. Spring is a time of renewal. The joy of life reemerging from its wintery sleep. Leaves are filling the trees once again. Birds are singing and building nests for the much-anticipated arrival of chicks. Hope. Nourishing rain fills the lakes and ponds and turns brown grass green. Colors bursting everywhere. Sunshine that colors our skin. Blushes of red and bronze add youth and charm to our faces. Hope. Nature provides. Nature returns on cue and does what it habitually does because the new season mostly remains stable.

But every so often there is a worry. Too much rain here, flooding there, houses destroyed. Or too much sun with no rain. Plants withering on the vine, shortages of food, shortages of clean drinking water. Grasses burn and cannot supply nourishment to the life that grazes. Tornadoes uproot trees, cars, and dwellings spinning them into the air to disappear over acres and miles. Lightening strikes that blow out powerplants, golfball ball-sized hail that smashes cars, people and all living things in its path.

Two mental models of Spring. Quite different. Just like the idea of the future of America, democracy or autocracy. Two men who personify these ideals. Good and evil. War and Peace. Hope and despair. I choose hope, how about you?

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