We are on the precipice

I never paid much attention to politics for most of my life. A boring topic, with boring characters. All cut of a piece. Mature men from wealthy, elitist families for the most part. Excellent educations. Amiable representatives of this country to our foreign allies. They had social graces, were polite, understood protocols, and so did their wives. Embarrassing this country in an international setting was never on our radar.  But this has all changed now.

Now we have a political party that has thrust this country into an identity crisis. Do we want our leader to throw away our constitution and turn our democratic experiment, the brilliant light of the United States to become a country run by a mob boss and his mob? To mirror our arch-enemy Russia which already has compromised our entire Republican Party bought for cold hard cash. This bumbling dementia-laden rapist, grifter, lifelong criminal, and convicted felon who has in his previous presidency embarrassed us on the world stage with his “Look at me, Look at me,” narcissistic personality disorder is once again the GOP nominee. How can this be? Why does the GOP all fall in line like spineless sheep for possibly the worst candidate for president in the history of this great nation?

It’s puzzling for sure. Republicans already in elected office march to his dog whistle. Never say a bad word about him. Defend his proclivity for breaking the law, not respecting the law, and ignoring constitutional norms. Why? Why do they do this? Grown men who know better. Always throughout history, men have done awful things for money and power and this is probably no different. But who’s paying them and what power will they get? Putin changed Russia into a dictatorship and oligarchy by giving his loyal friends entire industries to own and making them billionaires. His sycophants just had to remain loyal to have all the material wealth and power they craved. Just don’t cross him or you might fall out a high-floor window on accident.

We are on the precipice of becoming a country like that. Only, trump is nowhere as clever as Putin and his inner circle knows they can control him like a pet poodle. The GOP leadership and donor class will not drop a nominee they know is toxic for the people of this country but not toxic for their scheming plans for changing this country from one that is by the people and for the people to one that is just for them. One wonders if they have a plan to steal the upcoming election. The MAGA sheep alone aren’t enough to accomplish this especially if there is a landslide for Biden. So what’s up their sleeves?

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