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When a Stranger Comes…has made the short list on Read for book of the month. Please help me out and go there and vote for it. Follow this link:

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“It is what it is” and other stupid platitudes

I grew up in the ’50s during the cold war when we had air raid drills in case of a nuclear explosion. I remember hiding under my desk or going out into the hallway as if we could really be … Continue reading

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It’s a scary jungle out there for self-published authors

You would think I would have learned my lesson by now. But I know I’m still a babe in the woods hoping I can find the magic promotion that will translate into brisk sales. My book, When a Stranger Comes… … Continue reading

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Creating an audible book

Creating an audible book is fun and also tons of work. I recommend using the open source software Audacity to edit your recording. It’s simple to use much like cutting and pasting in Word. I also enjoyed narrating my work … Continue reading

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We all should be outraged

I am cocooned in my comfortable lifestyle. My children are all doing well in life. There is no gang violence or drug lords at my doorstep.  I have not been sexually assaulted nor have my daughters. Yet, we now have … Continue reading

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