We all should be outraged

I am cocooned in my comfortable lifestyle. My children are all doing well in life. There is no gang violence or drug lords at my doorstep.  I have not been sexually assaulted nor have my daughters.

Yet, we now have a government that separates children from their parents who have come to this country to be safe. What greets these asylum seekers is torture for their babies, and the fear they will never see their children again. Think about that. This is the United States of America not nazi Germany. We are supposed to civilized, caring, and a role model for the rest of the world in how we treat people, in our humanitarian mindset. We have now become like the worst authoritarian governments on the planet. We are allowing torturing of children in camps  by having them sleep on cement floors with only solar blankets that offer no cushion, no diapers, no bathing. These camps that will become death camps if enough time passes. Already children have died after traveling many miles so seek freedom from danger and oppression but have met those fears right here at our border. It’s despicable what our country has become in just two years.  A government that wants to take way our free speech and the the free press. A divisive govt fueling hatred and supported by those on the fringes of society who hate anyone who is not white and Christian. This is the base that got this evil Hitler wannabe elected, along with the aid of Russia who historically has been our adversary. Russia does not wish Democracies to be a thriving form of government and in that mission got one of their own elected. And he is performing very well.

The misogyny of this WH is breath taking. The sexual assault on women by this Hitler wannabe would have disqualified anyone from staying in the WH. But our country is in a coma of evil. Members of the Senate are owned by Russian oligarchs, the re-election of this Hitler wannabe has raised tons of money by people who benefit from his message of hate and benefits for the wealthy. Will this stop? Will normal people take back this country in the next election? Hitler had a lot of support by Germans. No one thought that he would annihilate an entire segment of the population who were high-level contributors to their economy and culture. But he did.

No one would have thought that the family values Republican Party would support a president who tortures children, who has made orphans of those seeking safety. But the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell keeps getting re-elected to wield his evil obstruction to Bills that would save these children and protect our government from Russian interference.

Have we lost the United States of America. Are we no longer the “shining city on the hill”?

Please vote in 2020 to save our democracy.

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