A bunker mentality

I’m fully vaccinated and so is my husband. We don’t have to wear masks around others who are vaccinated. The CDC says it’s low risk to fly. Restaurants are OK.  So why am I still staying home and ordering in? Using Instacart for my groceries? Sure it’s convenient. But here’s the thing. It’s been more than a year that I stopped venturing out most days. I just stayed put in the house, writing, reading, binging old TV shows. I’m used to it. Comfortable with it. Feel safe with it. I’m much calmer now that I’ve been vaccinated. I don’t think COVID will kill me now, mostly. But I’m also calmer because we don’t have a crazy phony moron sitting in the WH who tried to kill all of us with COVID. Tried to get Republicans to kill Democrats all in the name of fleecing them to send money for his reelection campaign. His goal from day one was to fleece the public and stay in office to continue having the government support the wealthy and spend money at his properties. He’s gone but still  lives on in the twisted brains of elected Republican officials. A brain cancer or like when aliens from outer space took over the brains of humans in the movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

I just don’t want to go out much. It’s safe to fly, but I don’t want to. I’ve got used to not going anywhere. I shop online and don’t go to the mall, which I loved to do from time to time. Just don’t want to now, even though I can. I also read the odd column about how scientists aren’t sure if the vaccines can protect us from the new virus variants. They say the protection will be that we are probably safe from being put on ventilators and admitted to hospital beds. But if we all don’t get vaccinated, the sneaky virus will keep mutating and making scarier versions. I don’t want to be the lab experiment that makes the news with, “Gosh, she was fully vaccinated but this new version killed her in 24 hours.”

I cooked Easter dinner for relatives that are fully vaccinated. It was very joyful. Maskless and wonderful, in fact. We sat and chatted for hours, in my house. But, I’m still not ready to venture out. Not ready to sit on a cramped plane. Not ready to put make-up on everyday, find out if my clothes still fit. In short, I’ve stayed home for more than a year and now I don’t want to leave. Not yet anyway. Hopefully, soon. Hopefully when the anti-vaxxers realize how stupid they are, finally get vaccinated, and we achieve herd immunity.

But what else is waiting out there?

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