Here I go again

It is quite satisfying to do a first draft read of a finished work and discover that it is quite good. I was worried that the bar was set too high with my last book but I achieved a product for which I am very proud. My voice stayed true through out the book and it was the first time I had written in the third person past tense. So there was that. Also, the topic of this work is very important and I think I accomplished the wake-up call for the potential climate crisis which set me on this path.

I was extremely hopeful that this time I would get the interest of  an accreddited agent who could get me a deal with a NY publishing house. This time. This book. My dream fulfilled. Finally. I started the query process. I’ve sent out 75 queries  with 13 rejections so far. Needles to say not the response I wanted. I thought agents would get excited. Offer to read the entire MS. Oh well. I guess I’m doomed to oblivion. I’ve created the cover and will create the kindle just as soon as my copy editor gives me changes. I will wait a few months and then I will self-publish. Who knows what will happen in the meantime? In any event. I feel good about this book. I’m also creating the audible book for Sunspots and I have Book 2 to write in this series. My mind and creativity remain active.

I am so grateful my entire family is in tact having had no COVID infections. None. The pandemic appears to be over and I will hug my grandchildren next week and a decent sane guy is our president.

So life is good. Very good. Amen.

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