Love trumps hate

I couldn’t stomach the GOP convention. All the speakers were crazed, pumping fear that we would be slaughtered in our beds by ISIS and espousing their loathing for Hilary Clinton into the sparse crowd (compared to the DNC) and to TV viewers. I decided to turn off the spectacle of insanity. Where were these nutcases when George W was at the helm and we lost 2000 souls on 9 11? Where was the outrage? Where is it now?

Of course, these same fools are supporting a buffoon, a moron, a demagogue, and ignorant and epic mean guy. How can they? They choose party before country. Aren’t they horrified to imagine a Drumpf presidency?

Health care for all? Free tuition and refinancing student loans, expanding Soc Security? These are bad ideas? I think not. When all these fools benefit from these changes will they still be against them? I just had friends visit from Switzerland, where these ideas are incorporated into everyone’s life. Their eldest will go to university soon without the family worrying how to pay for it. This family is secure, has good jobs, and is living the dream. Used to be a dream like that was the American Dream. Now the GOP wants you to think that when you are dreaming, ISIS will come and slit your throat.

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