We all lost

It’s been three days since the United States became a country promoting bigotry, hate, misogyny, and Putin. The alt-right has taken over our persona. We are that country now. The GOP bystanders who turned their backs on Trump are now all in. High-fiving and back-slapping each other. Winning is everything even if our country, our democracy is lost. So, who are we?  Are we the multi-cultural country welcoming the tired, the poor, the huddled masses? Or are we the gun toting, destroy the planet panderers to oil interests, destroy the planet climate change deniers that cause animals  and humans to go extinct? Are we the country that now openly persecutes Muslims, Jews, Latinos, Blacks among other minorities? Are we the country ruled by white-supremists who now can take off the white sheets and openly hate? Hitlerites coming out of the shadows? The answer is unfortunately, yes, we are that country now.

This is an apocalyptic scenario. The end is nigh for sane thinking. But all the Trump supporters also live on Earth. They, too, will also suffer the effects of a Trump-led world. They will see that the new jobs he promised would come from Congress actually passing an infrastructure bill. The Bill introduced by Obama and stalled by the do-nothing Congress. Jobs that could have put the disenfranchised workers back earning salaries years ago. Where else would he create jobs? Drafting an army to fight a war with China? Aid Putin in his desire for world domination? Assad is happy about Trump. Think about that for moment. Jobs building nuclear warheads to sell to Japan? Germany? Make our army even larger because we’re no longer part of NATO? Turn that army against us so that Trump becomes our dictator? They also will suffer the effects of too much Co2 in the air. Watch their children get sicker and sicker because there is no affordable health insurance. Grow old with no safety nets.

The dystopia portrayed in movies like Soylent Green is upon us. Rainy days for the foreseeable future. It’s hard to understand my friends who voted for this monster. Hatred for Hilary was stronger than the fear of being led by a fascist bigot, a know nothing who couldn’t coherently answer questions during the debate. That was a very bad call. My friends who thought that ACA was moving for country toward socialism, a dirty word in this country, but they cash their social security checks. All over the world people who live in countries with health care for all are happier and healthier. What’s wrong with this country that it’s considered a bad thing for us all to have health insurance?

I’m so angry at the Dems for thinking they had the election in the bag. Underestimating the seething hatred toward diversity by the masses. The zeitgeist tapped into by Trump. Pumping the people with fear that ISIS is at our doorstep and with it Sharia law. It’s the backward-thinking GOP that promotes Sharia law-type thinking. No more choice for women. No more birth control for women. Shackling women to being at the whim of their husbands. Like Melania, a Stepford wife, who in her mind-controlled small brain gave a speech about bullying without giving a thought to its overwhelming  stupidity given that her husband is widely known as the Bully-in-Chief.

I fear for us. I fear for the world. Because we are a country full of hate now and hate has a very loud voice in our president-elect.

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