America the beautiful

Last week I went to South Dakota. I had some preconceived notations about what the landscape would look like. Boy was I wrong. Gentle hills leading to jutting mountain tops, pine tree forests known as the Black Hills and moonscapes known as the Badlands. All awesome in the truest sense of the word.

All this was my son’s idea because he works for some of the Native American Tribes that reside there. In his travels back and forth and driving all over the state he wanted to share its beauty with his parents. Well, at first it was supposed to be a bonding trip with his Dad, after all he did take me to Israel and Greece this summer. But after my husband researched the state and how much there was to see he included me on this trip. He always had wanted to see the Badlands. I had never thought much about it. But there was also Mt. Rushmore, which intrigued me.

It all turned out to be much more than I expected. We saw wild buffalo herds, mountain goats, a beautiful waterfall and the town of Deadwood. The wild west at its best. This time of year the weather is spectacular. The skies are not cloudy, like the song, bright blue and clear, mild temperatures perfect for touring. Mt. Rushmore makes you proud of our heritage as a democracy, the Badlands makes you happy that grass and trees cover most of our land. The culture of the Lakota tribe permeates everything and brings with it great beauty in artwork and jewelry. I highly recommend a tip to S. Dakota just one of the great states in this great country.


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