Trying to remain optimistic

These months before the election are just extremely difficult to contain anger. Anger at watching a demagogue who has a difficult relationship with the truth whip the hatred in this country. Choosing scapegoats, holding rallies, proclaiming himself to be the one for whom you are casting a vote even though he is not on the ticket. Divisive, accusing others of what he in fact does–leaks to the press—incite mob behavior and applaud it–remember Charlottesville–saying the protestors were paid by a rich Jewish donor when  he pays people to be at his rallies. Attacking our free press. These are techniques used by hitler, used by dictators, used by Putin. I wonder if he’s not being coached by Putin who would like nothing better than to bring down our country by bringing down our democracy.

I see the support he gets from his party, the crowds, his state-run media channel. Can this be happening? Are we going to give up our freedoms so easily? Just because the stock market is high right now? Because rich people are getting richer? Because average people believe the lie that healthcare coverage will improve with no proof except blatant attempts to destroy it while telling these lies?

I fear for our country that is marching like sheep to the slaughter. A country that is allowing this president to self-deal and become richer while in office. All the while making the average voter think that he cares about your freedoms, cares about this country when all his life has shown that he only cares about one thing–himself and his greed. Greed for money, greed for fame, greed for worship of him. Because deep down he knows that he really doesn’t measure up, that he is a failure, not self-made but a rich little boy who’s daddy propped him up with cash to bail him out time and again, that he’s not really smart. His poison is that he is so insecure and has so much self-loathing that he has become very dangerous in his attempts  to make the world cow to him to feel better about himself.

Maia Angelou once said: When someone shows you his true self believe him…the first time.

We have seen this person’s true self. Please America take back this country from the dark forces engulfing it right now. Make America great again, the way it was before the 2016 election.

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