Why is this happening? Why aren’t we evolved as a species to get rid of evil leaders? Putin should have been overthrown years ago. Our country is reverting back to the dark ages for women with this new crop of Republicans that keep getting elected. Why? Don’t people like their freedom? Are most people sheep that need to be led and, thus, vote into power despicable lowlifes who enjoy abusing them? It’s like the human species spits out such stupidity along with brilliance. Scientists who will discover the meaning of the universe and people who will follow a liar and a thief like he’s a god.

And because of our brilliance along with out stupidity we have invented weapons that will annihilate all mankind so we will can’t all out fight despots who have a stockpile of them. So we watch the genocide of a nation of innocents who did not want war by a greedy thug who the world always knew was a greedy thug but did nothing when we could. So now this.

And we watch evil slowly taking over this country in the name of Christianity. Evil masquerading as good. Willing to kill mothers to save a fetus. Calling cells that would die in seconds outside the womb a baby. But the woman carrying it is dispensable. Might as well move to having test tube babies. At least women won’t die if something goes wrong because the medieval government won’t allow a life saving abortion as in an ectopic pregnancy.

And what’s with Sharia law in Tennessee where a child can be forced into marriage. Guess the sex of the child who would be forced into marriage.

If you think Russia has an awful government just take a look at the government that is coming near you.

On top of all this, the climate crisis awaits. Does not pause while the world goes politically mad. We must do something and yesterday. The point of no return is happening too fast.

Read Like a Lily Among the Thorns and get motivated. Be the change that we need.

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