Things to do when you are sick of the news

First of all, I highly recommend reading. There are the classics of course like “Little women,” “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” or all the banned books. That’s a great reading list.  My books certainly should make your list. Each one examines social issues for which we can all relate. My first work, “Walking with Elephants” written before this genre took hold is about the trials of being a modern-day working mother, (elephants are a matriarchal society) my second, “Sunspots,” is about the loss of a spouse after a few short years of marriage. The third, “When a Stranger Comes…,”is about greed in modern society, and the most recent, “Like a Lily Among the Thorns,” is a warning about climate change destroying life on this planet. Heavy subjects but still not as depressing as thinking about our democracy being ripped apart by self-serving elected officials.

I also recommend spending time with you pet. Hugging and kissing them, giving them treats, playing with them, and sleeping with them. Unless your pet is a fish or bird. Next on my list or some would say should be first is playing with your kids or someone else’s kids. Take them swimming, playgrounds, theme parks, the movies, ice cream parlors. Their enthusiasm will lighten your load.

Binge watching TV series and movies while eating junk food is also a good way to occupy the mind.

If all else fails get all your animosity for the people you oppose by going on Twitter and posting all the anger you can muster and hope you don’t get put in Twitter jail.

I’ve done all of these plus I’m writing my last novel. Alas, I still can’t shake the reality that a former president stole classified secrets to sell to our enemies and he’s still walking free and having hate rallies.


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