Tis the season to be grateful

A lot has happened this month and it’s only the beginning of December. Georgia re-elected a normal, loving man who had proven himself in the Senate, instead of a brain addled puppet of the dark side. I got my tree up and decorated along with the Christmas chotkes placed haphazardly. An American held in a Russian penal colony got released, the tree was lit at Rockefeller Center, I was banned from from Twitter for unknown reasons, and I’m almost done with present shopping. I wear my banishment from twitter as an act of courage and bravery. Apparently, Musk purged the site of liberals, and I’m proud to be one.

For about ten years I’ve been practicing Silent Night on the piano, which to my chagrin I never mastered, and I’m happy to say I only made about 20 mistakes today. So I believe this holiday season is going well. A major drawback is my house will be very quiet as the only kids here will be our furry ones. It’s like an old age home in this house. Even the cats are taking meds for their ailments.

So enjoy the holidays everyone. Sending you hugs and love. Be kind and thoughtful to one another. Being human and being able to have emotions, and being able to see and feel the world around us is truly a miracle. We are blessed to live this experience. Be grateful for it all.

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